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Sunday, 16 March 2014

N.I.S.-Presagi Di Un`Insulsa Rovina-(cdr-2008-Italy-diy)

N.I.S. is a crust punk band from Foggia,Southern Italy.
Nico (former drummer of Brandelli D`Odio) is playing with them,and he sent me this little introduction.
"N.I.S.(irreversible system`s necrosis)was born in 2007.In 2008 they record their first demo" Presagi Di Un` Insulsa Rovina" 9 tracks of "violent crust punk".
In 2009 They record a promo of 5 tracks "Specie Di Scarto", 3 tracks on a 7 inch split with Humus,and 2 tracks on an international compilation "Destruyendo Fronteras" released by the brazilian webzine "Crust or Die".
In 2011 They are back in studio to record 3 tracks that will be part of another split 7ich,this time with Warpath.
And then lots of gigs,gigs,gigs, ...they also took part to a protest gig! Under the wall of CIE* in Bari.
In december 2013 they finish to record 8 tracks of metallic crust punk.A new album will be released soon."
*CIE is a "house" for the illeganl immigrants where they are actually imprisoned upon their arrival in Italy.
 A very good cd for the lovers of grind/crust fast music,and yes political lyrics too.I am attaching here a very good video too,Enjoy it.

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