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Friday 21 March 2014

AKYANOVA - Asynchron - (Trummer Kassetten-Germany-c90-1995)

AKYANOVA  is one of the many projects/bands of Philipp Munch also involved in  Ars Moriendi , Cell Auto Mata , Colony Collapse Disorder , Incredible Three, The , Mandelbrot , Monokrom  , Rasputeen In Heavy Leather , Rasputin , Rorschach Garden, The , Show Of Exaggeration , Synapscape , Templegarden's-   

Trummer Kasseten  was a very prolific tape label from Germany managed by Lutz Pruditsch.
The music is here is dancefloor electronic music of different styles.
I received it from Trummer Kassetten  in 1995 and then passed as digital format to Misterioso Impossivel blog 2 years ago-that link isn`t working any longer.
Enjoy it.


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