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Saturday 8 March 2014

BRANDELLI D`ODIO-Non c`e` Uscita-(There Is No Way Out)[performance/video-original recording 1995/6,final editing 2014]New&Unreleased-Eng.Subs.

Here another video performance by Brandelli D`odio-I spoke already about this  squatters collective active in the 90s!
Here that post where you will find more info about this band,also their double cd+ zine "Sopravivvo?" is still available as free download on radiomolotov blog.

This performance is the 4th idea of experimental theatre conceived  as opening for their gigs during the tour in 1995 and 1996,it was a short piece of only 10mins and it did involved at the least 6 people.
The main message was the lack of freedom into the  mental hospitals and the slavery of the psychopharmacological drugs.

This performance was mainly made in the dark with very little lights created by the slide show,therefore those images are quite dark and the overall quality of those videos is compromised by the lights effects of the slides.
The music is the original soundtrack recorded on a 4track recorder and the quality is pretty good,also this is the only soundtrack that seems a real songs rather than a musical piece for a theatre,and it is the only performance for which Brandelli d`Odio never printed a flyer to introduce it during their gigs.Those footages are totally unreleased and never used before.More info in the video.Enjoy it!!




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  2. thanx for your comment Esteban-i will post another performace by brandelli d`odio in future...