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Friday, 7 February 2014

THE PURPLE OHM PROJECT - double k7- (Bestattungsinstitut- Germany-Love Is The Reason Why -UK-199?)

THE PURPLE OHM PROJECT is  a special project created by Gina fear from Uk  and Siegmar Fricke from Germany.
Siegmar Fricke is the famous artist involved in all those bands Ambulatorio Segreto , Delta-Sleep-Inducing Peptide , Doppelwirkung , Efficient Refineries , New Tits On The Cock , Nome De Voyage 2 
and also very active as solo artist producing  cassette and albums since the end of the 80s.
Gina Fear is the artists responding to Gina & Gipsy and From Nursery To Misery
I already posted on this blog 3 tapes by Gina Fear.
This is the only one  with the name The Purple Ohm Project and it seems to be a full co-operation between those two very talented artists. Unfortunately  I cannot find any more info about this tape,I guess it was self released by both artists as it states both labels managed by themselves.
I reckon came out in the beginning of the 90s.As for the music you can listen here some very accurate hypno-electro experimental tunes and some other nice soft synth pop songs,everything is very well crafted with love and passion.The cover-sleeves are handpainted with pastel colours.
The tape number 1 is called "My Hair On Fire" and the tape number 2 brings the name "Tribes & Our Gang Guys".No info were added in the little sheet beside the  song-titles  and the artists addresses.
Anybody out there with more info about this double cassette production????
For the lovers of the mystery and the magic.


the prurple ohm project fixed


  1. The archive is out side B in the first cassette :(

  2. Good stuff but the file is missing side B of the "My Hair On Fire" tape. Really enjoy your blog, one of the few newer ones I really dig.

  3. to curious guy,i will fix this as soon as possible

  4. this is incredible! i'm a huge fan of both these artists and didnt even know this existed. thank you so much faraway!