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Wednesday 12 February 2014

v.a.-FUTURE CHAOS FOR FUTURE CRIMES - (Sound Action-c90-South Africa-1996)

Another compilation today-this time a punk one. A Lot of bands here some famous some other less famous.Almost all the tracks are anticipated by fragments of Jello Biafra talks,cut ups from the tapes of the famous  singer.
Fugazi,No Oppression,Groin Churn,Mexican Power Authority,Nailed,Blackstroke,Immortal Slave,Diminished Return,Andanadaz,Crush and more names make this c90 an international compilation with different genres going from the hc punk to the death-trash metal and beyond.The tape was coming  with an A4 leaflet with pics and addresses of the various bands taking part to this project.
It is a very good one like all the releases of this South African label.
Future Chaos ...Old Punk Music ???!!!
Enjoy it :><


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  1. Hi there.How can i download this one?
    I have Bulsa Breakout compilation on my Pc and im interested on more South Africa bands from that period.
    ps:i can give you some clues about bulgarian bands(old and new) if you are interested

  2. @Florian vasile-hello I will re-upload this file in future...i will need sometime,please be patient...