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Thursday 20 February 2014

v.a.-ONE TWO THREE FOUR,vol I(Ebu`s Music-c60-Germany-1991)+v.a.-ONE TWO THREE FOUR,vol II(EBU`s music-c60-Germany-1992)

4 ways split tapes those compilations assembled by Carsten Olbrich, mastermind of the tape label Ebu`s Music.
I spoke already about him on this blog, here that post.
The vol 1 of this tapes brings us Unpleasant Surprise, Frak, M.Nomized and Vulture Culture. The vol 2 instead has Treye, D as Frohlique Wohnzimmer Der Asthetische Einzelkampfer and The Dead Goldfish Ensemble.
Both tapes came in a Cr02 tape and have the color paper cover with addresses of the bands and song titles.
The music is very different going from some form of folk to some weird electro dance stuff and beyond.
Very well done Carsten: >
one two three four vol1 
one two three four vol2 


  1. hello cant download. would love to have these. is it possible to make it downloadable again ?
    would be awsome

  2. @ Pavel L-links replaced now.enjoy it

  3. Hey! Please replaced this link. Thanks.