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Wednesday 19 February 2014

LASSE MARHAUG-GESTORTE NACHBARN-Metal Pollution(split tape)[B Gore records-Spain-1996-c30]

GESTORTE NACHBARN  is Juan Herrero also known as Anal Utherogestation , Brutal Defecation , Juan Obeja , Nuclear Noise ..

In later years Lasse Marhaug has almost become synonymous with Scandinavian Noise. From his "camp" in Trondheim, Norway, he's been launching release after release with brutal and often "witty" noise both under his real name and with groups such as DEL and parts of the Origami Republika projects. Lasse has also worked with some of the "legends" such as Merzbow and Aube, and played before Einstürzende Neubauten on his GB-tour.
Lasse Marhaug also runs the Pica Disk label.



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this is pure noise terrorism...
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