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Sunday 9 February 2014

v.a....INTO SERVICE FOR CITIZEN? (double c60 + booklet - Glittoride- Italy -1996)

"Into The Service For  Citizen?"  was a benefit double cassette compilation for the squats in Foggia, it was released by GlittoRide label, it came out in a very special package.
The fanzine was attached on a piece of hard cardboard where the two tapes were kind of glued with strong tape, pictures included here.
The booklets reports leaflets(with English translations) of different actions and repression happened in the small southern Italian town+ lots of other cases of police repression.The photocopies of my copy are not the best and I tried to make the best out of it while scanning those pages.
Very interesting articles all around the zine.
As for the music, this is crust punk and grind core-political lyrics and fast music. Very good bands and some stuff never released before.
Third World Planet, Kirous, Battle of Disarm, Scum of Society, Snifter, Antitude, Punto G, Schmrtz, Inkisicao , Voice of  Illegal, SubGenious and few more make this compilation a yummy one for the crusties all over the world.
The precious value of this compilation is the contribution by  Brandelli D`Odio with one track completely unreleased with a mono live recording and the songs by Piz8, this band was a fun crust band from Foggia, they never released anything, only recorded a bunch of songs and almost all of them are included in this nice compilation.
Crust as Fuck.

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