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Wednesday 19 February 2014

v.a.-NEW HIPPIES-vol 1(Red Neon Tapes,c60,Belgium,1990)+v.a.-NEW HIPPIES vol 2-(Red Neon Tapes-Belgium-c60-199x)+v.a.-NEW HIPPIES vol 3(Red Neon Tapes-Belgium-C60-199x)

New Hippies was a series of compilation tapes compiled and released by Patrick Parent of Red Neon Tapes,a small yet very active diy tape label based in Brussel (Belgium)-Patrick used to swap tapes and his own productions were not for sale but only for trade.He also was playing  electronic experimental music with his own project called Etat Des Stock here a webpage  about his activities.
On New Hippies- vol. 1 you`ll find tracks by The Golozos,Dsip,Siegmar Fricke,M.Nomized,Didi,hermanos Guzanos and more.
 New Hippies- vol. 2 contains Klimperei,Dilemma,The Dead Goldfish Ensamble,The High Tech Pagodes,Machine Maid Man,The detectives,Deaf goes East and few other names.
New  Hippies- vol. 3 offers us From Nursery  to Misery,las Animas,Eiaculazione Amusicale,No Muzik,Etat Des Stock,\tuxla,Wild Roses,King Ebu...
The music styles on those compilations are very different!!!Patrick was accepting any kind of music!!!The most is experimental electronics but from time to time you`ll find also some  weird folk or punk or art rock,there is  really a bit of everything  in those tapes.
They are crafted with colour paper covers and  a copy insert with song-titles and addresses of the bands/artists.
Excellent tapes for people into  very underground music from the past.
No musical borders here.

\f*a*r*a*w*a*y /
new hippies vol 1

new hippies vol 2

new hippies vol 3

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  1. Ciao amico, ti ringrazio molto per la condivisione di questi nastri, questo tipo di musica davvero mi affascina.

    Migliori saluti!