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Thursday 1 July 2021

LUBRICATED GOAT - Schadenfreude - (Black Eye Records-Australia-1989)


Australian noise-rock band, whose main member was Stu Spasm (born Stuart Gray). Lubricated Goat fell apart after Stu was stabbed during their 1991 tour. Stu reformed band few years later, however, with all-star line-up which included members of bands like Cop Shoot Cop.

Black Eye Records was a subsidiary of The Red Eye Record Label in Sydney, Australia in the mid to late 1980’s. It was started specifically to accommodate the darker and irreverent music created by the consortium of Tex Perkins, Stuart ‘Spasm’ Gray, Lachlan McLeod, and Peter Read. It was deemed by all involved that a separate identity was necessary for the very different sounds and outlook to Red Eye. Black Eye officially ceased to exist when the parent label ran short on cash at the end of the 80’s - but all due royalties were paid, and the principal entities were going their separate ways anyway by then. Much of the story, and graphics, of Black Eye can be found in the recently published 252 page book ‘Snaps, Crack, Pop!’ assembled by the Labels’ founder John Foy with original Red Eye art director Jim Paton - released October 2018. 

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  1. Shut Your Mind and Prayer for Blood are two of their best songs--also both featured as SubPop 7" singles. Saw Stu play a one-off show with LG in Brooklyn in...I'm guessing c2013-ish? Still good.

  2. the Goat are totally underrated

    didn't have this one ... thanks for this!

  3. @ Double Dubz and Budgerstump:thanks for your comments,I am glad you liked this post!