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Tuesday 29 June 2021

v.a.-TEKNOIR-(Hymen Records-Germany-1999)

 Legendary double cd compilation by this historic label.A bunch of artists yet to become famous shoot their brilliant tunes made of hard electronics pieces :Industrial, Rhythmic Noise,  IDM, Teknoid,  Extreme Experiments of Heavy Machinery or you name it.

This is just a great sample,not to be missed...Enjoy it.

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1-2Black LungDrachanalia Pt. 13:41
1-4Imminent StarvationHillstone6:18
1-5Not BreathingKissy (Pre M.R.I. Mix)6:37
1-6SynapscapeNew Order6:38
1-7MonolithMatrix A6:26
1-8Icon ZeroTomorrow3:22
1-9P·A·LLittle Cloudy Fluff6:13
1-10Substanz TIndustrial Music For Industrial People (Live)4:19
1-11Lustmord vs. Metal BeastOpen Towers Emerge4:33
1-12VrombSynchronisateur (Vostok Mix)
Remix – Vostok
1-13SeeknessCracked Brain (1996)11:29
2-2Oil 10Oil 5 (Remix)6:00
2-3Bochumwelt*La Pensée5:03
2-4BeefcakeListen To The Call5:19
2-5Somatic ResponsesOblique6:16
2-6Črno KlankPolka4:08
2-7Esplendor Geometrico*Control De Vigilantes5:20
2-9ItLogic Noise Cargo4:14
2-10Mother DestructionOdr3:54
2-11SnogHooray!! (Black Lung And The Death Jungle 2000)
Remix – Black Lung
2-12HypnoskullHypnoreakt Vs. Ammo3:58
2-13WinterkälteGlobal Defrostation5:55
2-14Silk SawCut The King10:1

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