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Tuesday 27 July 2021

PUNCHLINE "Smother Earth" n11-(Magazine-USA-1991)

 "Smother Earth" is the title for the number 11 of this fantastic magazine, each number dedicated to a different subject, and this time it is about ecology. By now,the followers of this blog should know very well Punchline, in fact I have already posted all these: N9 "Time To Remove The Dust Sheets", the N10 "Censorship Of Fools", the  number 7.5"cop" the Number 5 "WARning" and The number 13 "Static Elect Trickery". plus N12 "Age Of Discover Up" and N14 Read Our Lips + N4 "Flags R Us" and the N6 "Politics".

 For whoever missed the other posts, this was the amazing graphic work created and assembled  by John Yates and friends. I must write a BIG THANX to John, not only for giving me permission to post his excellent publications but also to actually providing this digital copy.A webpage about his excellent graphix work is here and you can explore there his great art-works, books and related subjects. A facebook page about Punchline is here.

I am attaching here the very intersting editorial and a couple of graphics. Enjoy this classic journal, a great example of exquisite underground press.

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