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Sunday 11 July 2021

v.a.-Insomnia Vol. 1-(We Never Sleep-USA-double k7-1987)

 We Never Sleep:Denver Colorado-based Industrial/Experimental/Electronic/Noise label and collective headed by Paul Dickerson in the band of the same name and Mark Ameba before going on to work with Survival Research Laboratories in S.F. Together doing over 50 live performance art/noise actions in galleries, clubs and public streets in Vancouver, Denver and San Francisco & the infamous Denver junkyard shows with Tom Headbanger ov T.O.P.Y. featuring such bands as Einsturzende Nuebauten and Crash Worship. They also broke ground releasing the "INSOMNIA" compilation series demonstrating thier own work along with early releases from international electronic artists like Greater Than One, Merzbow, The Haters and many others.
WNS 012 (1992) was a book by blackhumour, entitled "The Reports 1986-1989" 

This double c60 tape compilation was re-released by We Never Sleep and Staaplaat as double CD in 1993.Enjoy it.

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1-01Greater Than OneAll The Masters Licked Me8:42
1-02Maybe MentalTarramona18:49
1-03Bourbonese QualkBlack And Blue2:21
1-04Systems CollapseSea Coal5:47
1-05The HatersFiexcit6:52
1-06We Never SleepThe War Against Sleep4:09
1-07The Amnesia QuartetLet The Children In2:56
1-08Monochrome BleuShino6:09
1-09Savage RepublicSiege4:11
1-10Banned ProductionMontage1:13
2-01Human Head TransplantLythyn18:10
2-02Dine ForbateMind Wars9:30
2-03blackhumourPut It This Way6:29
2-04Savage RepublicSpice Fields6:37
2-05Soul MerchantsSalt Of Sleep4:18
2-06Helios CreedWho Cares5:07
2-07Unknown ArtistReligion9:19
2-08Architects OfficeAO 365.26:19

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