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Saturday 17 July 2021

IRD Recordings - In Rave Danger Volume One - (IRD Recordings -UK- 2021)

 IRD - InRaveDanger, ItalianRaveDepartment, ImReadytoDrive, I'dRatherDance, ItsReallyDales, IrateRavingDickheads.. the list keeps going, much like the Sound System itself.

The first boxes were built in the summer of 2008 and stacked up in Barking with the paint still wet. Since then its been consistently out and about in some form or other. With Tekno in the fields and forests of the south of England, Live Bands and Broken-Beats in sweaty London offices, and lots of Hardcore in lots of warehouses all over the place.

Any excuse for a Knees Up; D.I.Y or Die.

From Scotland to Guinea-Bissau, Wales to Albania and a lot of places in between a massive amount of people have come together over the years to create these autonomous spaces for freedom, dancing and banging rave music. Its the people that make the party, Squatters, Dj's, Stewards, Artists, Drivers, Performers, Technicians, Producers, Gate-Keepers, Electricians, Legal-Observers, Urban Explorers and all the On-It Ravers who keep each other safe amidst the madness; but its the Music that brings us all together.

Core and Tek of different speeds and ferocities, Jungle, Drum/Drill and Bass in all its shape shifting forms. We try and pump the sounds that are not easy to find.

Its a quiet year so far but it will get louder. To kick it off we are launching our long awaited label IRD Recordings. Bringing together a whole host of producers and releasing the type of tunes that we have been playing all these years; namely up-tempo having-it rave music. Watch this space for the first of the digital releases dropping in the coming months with the Vinyl soon to follow.    click me

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