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Tuesday 24 November 2015

ILLUSION OF SAFETY-In 70 Countries-(Complacency-Usa-c40-1989)

I imagine that most of the people following this blog knows already this amazing american project by the artist:Daniel Burke ,for the ones who don`t here an intruduction from discogs:
Since 1983 Illusion Of Safety has been the ongoing project of Daniel Burke, working alone and with various collaborators. They have released over 20 CDs on labels such as Complacency, Die Stadt, Experimedia, Odd Size, Silent, Soleilmoon, Staalplaat, Tesco, and Waystyx, and played over three hundred concerts in Europe and North America. IOS' work has been called ambient, post-industrial, electro-acoustic, noise, sound collage, improvisation, and power electronics, but they are unwilling to limit their work to any given style or method. The sonic character and affective substance of the music will often shift abruptly within each recording and live performance.
Current position
Daniel Burke is currently working with conventional instruments, electronic synthesis, computer composition, samples, and highly amplified handled objects. He uses improvised and composed structures containing material that confounds memory and stimulates perception. The resulting music encompasses broken sound, disturbed ambience and unfiltered beauty that collectively evokes an awareness of the ineffable.
The work activates modes of perception to facilitate direct access to the psyche, emotions, and the infinite in order to address the necessity of balance and the nature of dichotomy. 

Illusion Of Safety is still very active and you can check  his  cool webpage here where you can read about the latest productions and collaborations,history,reviews etc etc...
Complacency  is the home label for the collective of artists named Illusion of Safety and for other side-projects,a discogs page about it is here.
Enjoy it.

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