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Friday 20 November 2015

v.a.-All That Your Life Needs!!!-(Glittoride+Contaminated Productions-Italy-c90-1996)

"This compilation was a co-production between H.S.S.G Glittoride and Contaminated Productions. 
In 1995 Giulo from Glittoride invited Raff of Contaminated Productions to work on a special compilation tape of industrial music. His idea was to fuse poetry and music. He wanted to combine one poem with one song from each industrial act. After attempting this: he did not manage to reach this result, but Giulo and Salvatore managed to assemble a nice booklet with poetry in Italian, and translated in English mixed up with graphix of the bands involved. The cover sleeve was a colour copy with art-work by Giulio. All the booklet was in b/w photocopies(everything is included here as pdf copies).
About the music: this tape is filled with unknown acts from the 90s exploring industrial/esoteric eletronix and experimental music. Very good tracks included here. The whole project was compiled and assembled by Giulio with the help of Salvatore. Contaminated Prods eventually took part in the distribution of this tape, printing no more than 50 copies. I have no idea how many copies were printed by Glittoride label. This is for the lovers of unknown bands of the 90s-Enjoy it.-"
(from Vita Ingnes Corpus Lignum blog)

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 Track listing:

a01-SOLANACEAE TAU-phalanx der pfalzer
a02-SOLANACEAE TAU-what`s the lifetime of your lifestyle
a04-A.U.V.A.-headmovie III
a05-A.U.V.A.-headmovie V
a06-BLASTFUL SILENCE-this is mine
a07-FEAR MOVEMENT-energieverlust
a08-M. NOMIZED-whales industry
a09-DAS CELLAR LOOH-das movenlied(live version-Oct. 93)
a10-DAS CELLAR LOOH-das movenlied (remix II)
b02-PREMATURE BIRTH-violent children
b03-LUNUS-inter faces at urinam
b04-DE VERMIS MYSTERIS-violentia ex nihilo
b05-BRANDELLI D`ODIO-esalazione mistica I
b06-BRANDELLI D`ODIO-esalazione mistica II
b07-OKINIWA FUMIHIRO-extract from 20% perform
b08-M. NOMIZED-leukaemia
b09-WESTLAND-sous le pont mirabeu
b10-ETAT DES STOCK-one day
b11-PERVAS NEFANDUM-liberaci dal male


  1. very nice! thank you!
    maybe you have Destroy After Use cassette "Joke, Said the Humourless And Laughed" ?

  2. Hello Profil,I haven`t got that tape by Destroy After Use...I only have this split tape with them -http://1000flights.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/gundrum-destry-after-dark-hasta-la.html