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Saturday 21 November 2015

WORKING KLASS NOIZE-Collective/Label-(UK-2015)

I first got to know this collective/label when I went to a gig/event organized by them a few years back. At the time I thought it was just a name for a noise event held in few squats every now and then in London(UK).
After getting to know Mapo and Sabba I  did discover that this is actually a collective and a label too.
The tape pictured here It is only one of their many productions, as for an introduction I gonna just use their own as It  defines very well what they are aiming at :
 "WKN- workin'klass noize is a group based in London and focused on the production of DIY counter-cultural material, from radical electronic music/noise to xylographic. Its main goal is unconditional resistance to capitalist mass culture; its perspective is the destruction of the barriers dividing genres/subgenres typical of the hierarchical idea of separation; it also aims at (re)constructing a network of free horizontal exchanges between submerged mutant individuals, and at inciting the rhizome-like connections between realities that operate in audio-visuals in a critical manner." 
I can only suggest you all to visit their blog here where you can check amazing graphix works and go to their bandcamp page to  know all the artists involved in this cool label and their nice tape productions.
Enjoy it.

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