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Monday 16 November 2015

DRAPE EXCREMENT-Sic Transit Gloria Mundi-(Art Konkret-Germany-1993)

Drape Excrement is the German industrial & noise project run by Markus Kropfreite.The mastermind of this cool label Art Konkret :a very old label  founded in the year 1992 by the members of Söldnergeist and Drape Excrement. In the Label history ART KONKRET released about 40 CD, LP or tapes.It is still alive and kicking,go here to check their good webpage.  
Drape Excrement captures sounds of agony and inner torment, of madness and glorious insanity.A great mix of horror powerelectronics and noise joining dark ambient atmospheres with angry vocals.
A very nice tape work for industrial music lovers.

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