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Monday 2 November 2015

DOVES UNDER CHAIRWALK-Neugkeiten-(Culture Tapes-Germany-c60-1992)

"DUC,this is emotional punk rock from the heart of the Ruhr area.As classic trio playing DUC punk rock with german lyrics.It is less emphasis on solis and other frills,as much more placed on melody and feelings.Since 2010 the Gelsenkirchen band from Uli Guddi sets on drums bass and Tom on the guitar and music." from their official "only in German language" webpage.
I already wrote about this band when I posted the split tape Flagrants D`Eli/Doves Under Chairwalk.
Culture Tapes was a small german tape label active in the early 90s,a discogs page about this label is here.
Enjoy it.
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