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Friday 27 November 2015

v.a.-A Message From Camp Sunshine-(Red Mist Tapes-c60-UK-1985)

Very old international compilation featuring HC punk bands from Spain, West Germany, Canada, Sweden,England and Holland.
Red Mist Tapes was a little DIY punk label from England, releasing mostly tapes.
My copy is a re-issue by the Italian distro Edizioni Storie Tese.
The various  recordings  are ok, thinking that this was totally DIY.
If you are into old school Hc Punk you`ll love this one.
Enjoy it.
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A1 Anti-Dogmatikss El Modelo De Español
A2 Maniacs (3) Violence
A3 Maniacs (3) Greneda Today (Tomorrow The World)
A4 Chronic Submission Chronic Submission
A5 Rövsvett Makt
A6 Rövsvett Heroin
A7 Ceresit* Pancho
A8 Post Mortem (4) Asylum
A9 Black Vampire Nothing Else To Do
A10 Black Vampire Virgins Blood
A11 Anti Heroes All We Want
A12 Funeral Oration (2) Hell-Age
A13 Ad Nauseam (2) Who Are You?
A14 Ad Nauseam (2) Nausea
A15 The Fiend Weird Boy
A16 Bluttat The Grass
B1 Anti Heroes Media Control
B2 Chronic Submission Modern Hell
B3 Chronic Submission Bad Trip
B4 Black Vampire Family Disaster
B5 Post Mortem (4) In For The Kill
B6 Post Mortem (4) TV
B7 Rövsvett Oskyldiga Människor
B8 Funeral Oration (2) Kill Kill
B9 Funeral Oration (2) Sacrificed
B10 Maniacs (3) Victim Of The Night
B11 Anti-Dogmatikss Estado De Caos
B12 Anti-Dogmatikss Campos De Cruces
B13 Ad Nauseam (2) Aint Gonna Be No Peace
B14 Ceresit* Kraft Durch Bier
B15 Ceresit* Korn
B16 The Fiend I.R.A

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