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Sunday 14 December 2014

HERD OF ETHER SPACE-Noises Of War-(Taped Rugs Productions-Usa-c60-1991)

"The group of sound experimenters known as "Herd Of The Ether Space" has a long and complex history, full of wonders and surprises for anyone interested in the avant-garde underground of the late 20th Century. Much of that history was documented on cassettes released by Taped Rugs Productions and other independent cassette/home recording labels. Between the 1980's and 1990's, Herd Of The Ether Space (HOTES) released 34 cassette albums and contributed to five international compilations of home-recorded, avant-garde tape compositions. Nineteen underground cassette labels from seven different countries distributed 26 HOTES productions throughout the world-wide home recording network. All of this happened before digital recording, computer technology, and the internet had become available and affordable to the average residents of what some might call "the modern world."HOTES was not a "band" in the traditional sense, and, in fact, several HOTES recordings were created years before the group even had the inclination to give itself a name. Over the course of two decades, no fewer than 29 individuals took part of creating HOTES recordings and/or participating in HOTES public performances. This archive is an attempt to unravel the complex tale of Ethereal chaos which HOTES wound together during its many years of sonic experimentation."(taken from their archive.org page)
Tapes Rugs was operated by Charles Rice Goff III since 1980. Over 200 releases including cassettes, CDs, videos, small press publications, etc. Underground cassette culture, experimental, avant-garde, electronic, Dada, sound collage, noise, etc. Among many recording projects: -ing (or -ING), Disism, Herd Of The Ether Space, Turkey Makes Me Sleepy, The Magic Potty Babies.Here the Taped Rugs official webpage.
Enjoy it
ps-this tape is not indexed
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  1. Thanks much for the attention, Faraway! Do I know you? As for the tape you feature here being "indexed," I realize that my online catalog is a monster to navigate, sorry. Let me help out if I may. The Noises Of War cassette album, along with LOTS of out takes is all documented and free to hear here:

    AND, there's a video of the live performance of the album (about an hour long) also free to see and hear here:

    Happy 2015, many thanks,
    C. Goff III


  2. Dear C Goff II,many thanx for your comment and link-Happy 2015 to you too