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Thursday 11 December 2014

v.a-IMPULSE N4 + c40 compilation tape(Impulse,Fanzine-Uk-1992)

Impulse was an english fanzine active in the beginning of the 90s and covering  industrial/ritual/noise/electronic bands.
This number came out with a compilation tape,I am not sure if the other issues have been released  together with a sampler.
This is the number 4 and you`ll find in it interviews with Michale Mantra,Attrition,Musica Maxima Magnetica,Ordo Equitum Solis + tons of reviews of books,fanzines ,cds and tapes,a couple of  pages full of addresses of bands,zines,distros and labels and few nice flyers and graphix.
A very good fanzine and the compilation included makes it is even more interesting.
In fact the tape is pretty nice with lots of very amazing  acts/bands and  a good recording too.
Here I am attaching the cover sleeve so you can read the bands whom took part to this nice project.
Enjoy It.

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