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Thursday 4 December 2014

BESTATTUNGSINSTITUT-Dedicated To Andreas Vesal-Soundtrack For A Non-Existing Film-(Trummer Kassetten-Germany-c60-199?)

BESTATTUNGSINSTITUT is just another name for the genius of electronic music Siegmar Fricke covered in this blog here and here and who also played in all those acts Ambulatorio Segreto, Delta-Sleep-Inducing Peptide, Doppelwirkung, Efficient Refineries, New Tits On The Cock, Nome De Voyage 2.
This tape came out on the nice label Trummer Kassetten ,German label run by Lutz Pruditsch.
The actual plastic front cover of the  cassette case was covered with a collage/pieces of fabric,very nice recycling idea.
I am attaching a picture to show you.
Amazing music-Enjoy it.
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