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Saturday 6 December 2014

AMANO n4-(Fanzine-Industrias Mikuerpo-Spain-Nov.1996)

Amano was a magazine printed and distributed by Industrias Mikerpo in Madrid(Spain) during the 90s.
There are lots of internet pages about this "anti art network" and they have their own blog,go here to read their archive 1994-1999,their blog is very well done and give  us  lots of infos about their activities and ideas yet about this zine there is only the cover sleeve.This is the number 4 of Amano,one of their publication and it has very interesting articles and contacts+ includes Sign Zine,which was a visual art  zine dedicated to a different  artist on each number,on this one you`ll find art-works by Aurelio Cambao.
I am afraid all the webpages about it are in Spanish language and this zine too.
I`ve found a good introduction about Industrias Mikuerpo and I am going to attach it here yet it was translated using google translate,so it`s not the best,sorry.Any Spanish blogger out there providing links with good english translations??It will  be very appreciated.
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MIkuerpo Industries was not a group but a network share . An ear instead of a voice
over vocation emitter means , although such a way that the medium was not
only the message but all instances of communication assembled in a sort
 of chemical reagent , or microorganism capable of  fermenting the
 cultural magma to try to give another sense . Its raw material was the noise ,
 confusion of images, the conceptual mixture of the street. 
There was no structure behind , but a fractal 
generation device " unexpected consequences ", a production test system errors .
 His program was a blind search on the pragmatic level of expression , 
completely revolutionizing the mechanisms of production , 
distribution and consumption of culture , the role of the artist and the critic,
 consumption patterns and all productive relationship between art , 
shaken each again by new means of production . 
This was the sense that he wanted to give effective implementation and
 improvement of art, able to ignore the institutional circuit : exploring new
 forms of symbolic capital management based on the disturbing intervention on
 any instance of communication (dissolution of issuer, collective production
 network , shifting the burden of meaning on the receiver, dematerialisation
 or infinite reproduction of the work , denaturation of codes, generation of
 " significant noise" , etc. ) .

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