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Friday 12 December 2014

DARK ALCESTE DE SOCAI VOMIE-Hemotronic Neurale[c90]+Ondes Neuronales[minicd](Sounds For Consciousness Rape-France-1993)


Dark Alceste De Socaï Vômie is Marc Alhanati,a French musician into noise industrial and harsh electronics.He seems to be active with this  name during the early 90s.Sounds For Consciousness  Rape was a French label managed by Stephane Santini in Bordeaux.This label was very active in the early 90s and it is  well-known for its limited edition releases,in fact this tape+minicd came out in a clear case designed to hold 2 cassettes, with various stickers, thin balsa wood and clear inserts pasted on & in the case. Limited to 285 handnumbered copies.

A rare jewel for people into harsh noise. 


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