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Monday 27 April 2020

I.N.R.I. n1 + I.N.R.I. n2 - (Fanzine-Greece-1986 and 1987)

2 Issues of this rather obscure Greek fanzine focused on the early industrial music scene, the goth rock and the new wave.
Named INBI(translated INRI)the first issue was released in April 1986 in Athens, containing 32 A4 xeroxed pages. The second one was released in early 1987. The mastermind behind them was the painter Alexandros Dimitriades from Volos(Greece), a third issue was planned but never released, some pages were painted by hand after the printing.
The first issue contains an interview to Dead Can Dance, some lyrics by the Greek new wave band Koumpotripes A.E., the discography and biography of And Also The Trees, translated lyrics of Swans, Coil, Death In June, some music reviews, texts and poems by R.R. Hearse and a few more rants.
While the second issue offers to us a translated story of H.C. Andersen, some more poems and text by R.R. Hearse, an interview to Nick Cave, some astonishing drawings and some other poems and lyrics.
These very rare jewels were kindly donated to this blog by my friend Ion of the E.T.C. Group who also provided the very useful info about the subjects covered in these pages. 
A very big "Thank You" to Ion for sharing such amazing and rare zines.
These are only in the Greek language so enjoy them if you are Greek literate. 
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