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Tuesday 21 April 2020

They`re Coming To Take Me Away Hahaha...(Fanzine-UK-1984)

Another great old zine focused on industrial music and culture! 

Interviews to  Coil, Chris and Cosey, Organum, Crass and articles about 400 Blows, Test Dept, Psychic Tv, Die Todliche Doris, DDAA, Allen Ginsberg, We be Echo + a few rants and thoughts.

A very good tool to research the old industrial network of the fabulous 80s and to get a glimpse of the underground press of that scene and era.
Enjoy it. 
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    1. hello Aos,thanks for your commnet,i delete it by accindent,damn,sorry--there are many zine about industrial music here,just dig it...thanks for your compliments...

  2. from Aos:Ho da pochissimo scoperto il tuo blog e ti volevo ringraziare di cuore per l'eccellente materiale che condividi (in particolare sono interessato alle fanzine sulla musica industriale & post industriale)