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Sunday 19 April 2020

BRAIN POLICE-Drain-(BGR Records-UK-1993)

It appears that there are a few bands using this name. This one is the industrial/noise rock outfit coming from New London, CT, USA and active in the mid-90s. A Discogs page about them is here.
10 tracks with filtered vocals, metallic sounds, grinding guitar riffs, powerful bass and noisy structures. A great cd to discover...
Enjoy it.
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Life's Too Good 5:09
The Bastard's Sick 2:31
Gotta Love It 4:57
Like A Bullet 4:55
Greed 4:18
Struggle 3:37
Lying To Myself 3:05
Business 6:44
Lost 3:47
Lovely Funeral 4:47


  1. THANKS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  2. Hi Just found your blog this morning via the Dawson Peel sessions thank you so much for them I am from Scotland originally and I saw Dawson a cpl of times once supporting Fugazi and another time supporting Stretcheads I got in touch with Jer from the band on Facebook seems he's still active plays Jazz now! I am gonna delve deep into this blog on my days off but in the meantime you might wanna drop by mines whilst not quite as obscure as yours I definitely think we are on the same page! it's here....


    keep up the amazing work



    1. @dave--thanks for you r comment,I will check your blog-cheers