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Wednesday 1 January 2014

NOSTALGIE ETERNELLE & FROM NURSERY TO MISERY-Art is the tool(split tape-diy-1990-c30)

Originally released on One Last Dream label back in 1990 and with a color picture as cover, this is instead the copy that Gina Fear sent to me back in 1996 and it has a handmade cover, the name of the label is not listed and neither the year of release. Here I am attaching a review that I have found on Discogs.

Ah, now, this is a little better. The NOSTALGIE ETERNELLE side is well-played - a little moody, a little poppy. The vocalist sounds not unlike ADI NEWTON singing up an octave. The music reminded me at times of JOY DIVISION & BAUHAUS, with elements of early FASHION, without getting too close to any of these. The bassline on one of the tracks could have been pinched from THE SLITS "Love & Romance". Although in this it appears in a different and (dare I say it) better context. The vocalist is the definite focal point - these people have a bright future - invest now.
The F.N.T.M. side shows a little maturity over "Equilibrium". The music is still good, well-constructed synth mood pop, but, as ever, it's the voice of GINA FEAR which dominates. This time they use a lot more harmonics and it improves the sound no end. GINA's flat vocal style (?) takes some getting used to, but it has to be said - it grows! Considering all three review tapes, this would be a good starting point for those interested in F.N.T.M. (or NOSTALGIE ETERNELLE!).

Originally reviewed for Soft Watch.

It is a very good tape of "ancient" synth pop!!!
Considered a classic by lots of people.


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  1. Realy interesting, expecially the side "From Nursery To Misery". Any other cassette from them or Gina Fear is welcome (also because the two rips of Misteriosoimpossivel Blog are no longer available).
    Can you re-up them, please?
    Thank You.