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Thursday, 30 January 2014

BLINDSPOT-Nutztier-Mensch?-HARTSOEKER-Create your own world-Split Tape (Useless Recs-Germany-199x)

Very fine split  tape production this one by Blindspot and Hartsoeker ,both bands coming from Germany and playing a very fast HC punk getting very close to the grindcore.
A screen-printed cover sleeve+ studio recordings+political lyrics and graphix makes this tape very interesting.
In fact it comes with a split booklet professionally printed where Blindspot explain their lyrics only in german while Hartsoaker prefer to give us info in inglish and they included a nice comic story by Todd Laren  and Mike Cliff(Tipper Gore Toons).
Limited edition of 300 copies.I believe this tape came out in 1995.
A very good one for people into fast distorted guitars,powerful drums and brutal vocals.


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