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Saturday, 25 January 2014

FROM NURSERY TO MISERY- Equilibrium-(c46-UK)

Another tape received long time ago from Gina Fear,I completely forgot about it,here a review I did find on discogs webpage:
An odd album - strangely attractive in a naive sort of way. Much of the music on this is a well-meaty synth pop with enough variety to keep you alert & interested, indeed hooked. To compare them, I'd have to say they sound not unlike B-TROOP (are they familiar to you? maybe not). A bright perky pop music, perhaps lacking the edge to make it stand out from other INDIE pop bands. It has a close, bedroom / living room sound, a sort of mellowed SWELL MAPS atmosphere (although they sound nothing like the MAPS).
So why odd? We'll, it's the vocals that stand out from the music & give it it's naivety. Gina Fear cores across with an infant-like-struggle-for-control which makes CLAIR GROGAN & KYLIE sound positively mature. You get the impression that there's more calculation than accident to this style, although sometimes it goes too far. It's almost addictive in a bizarre way. This is one for paedophiles to listen to before sleep.
Originally reviewed for Soft Watch.

This tape was self released.No idea how many copies were printed and when it was released,I guess sometimes during the 90s.
Enjoy it.



  1. Thank you for this marvellous tape "From Nursery To Misery - Equilibrium" was the MC I was looking for!
    All the best.

    1. to Carlomante-as I said I completely forgot about this tape-good to know you eventually got it :)