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Saturday, 11 January 2014

MUTACCION GENETICA - carnifuria cosmica-(Dinamita Crisis Ruido-Spain-c60-1993)

Mutaccion genetica is another mystery project-yes I  was not able to find  any info about this band or project,the only 2 things  that I know: 1-they are Spanish 2-They were active in the 90s.

This cassette has 60 songs(wowwoowow)...well the most of them are very very short,and if there are some weird experiments  recalling  the minimal industrial music on the other hand you`ll listen here also  to some strange electro and some stuff more similar to grind core!!!!
Definitely the most structured songs are kind of electro with guitar,bass and drum machine+vocals,but maybe electro is a bit too far from this,well I must say that  I am a bit in trouble trying to explain their music,so you  might just get it and judge yourself.It is a weird yet creative and chaotic attempt to create music!!Imagine Butthole Surfers playing toy instruments under water...or maybe not!!!!
For the lovers of the impossible strange mystery...


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  1. hi man, link is dead, possible to reupload ?

  2. @ Cristina,link re-activated...enjoy it

  3. Gran rareza. ¿te importa si la reposteo en WET DREAMS haciendo referencia a tu magnífico blog?. Sé que hay gente interesada en esta grabación. Es prácticamente imposible encontrar información de esta banda, pero cuando sepa algo serás el primero en saberlo. Gracias, hermano.

  4. Great rarity. Do you mind if I post in WET DREAMS referring your excellent blog ?. I know that people are interested in this recording. It is virtually impossible to find information of this band, but when I know you'll be the first to know. Thanks brother.

  5. @ Anonimo sevillano-esta muy bueno que me pedisti esto,si si quieres postarlo sobre tu excelente blog entonces hazlo,me gustaria que usted escribe que lo encuentraste aqui...muchas gracias.