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Tuesday 31 May 2022

JEWELS OF SHAME - Negative Dialects - (Wormhole World-UK-2019)

 Ever since childhood, Jewels Of Shame has been fond of machinery noises. When he was a child his dad used to take him to the factory where he worked, and JOS would sneak in engine rooms and fall asleep to the pounding sound of the machines. As he was growing up he started falling asleep to the sounds of black metal, sludge, and industrial/noise giants such as Merzbow, Maurizio Bianchi, and Throbbing Gristle. So when he first acquired a PC, he thought he might as well try out make his own sleepy music. He started making field recordings on a cheap dictaphone and of the train station, bar air conditioners, and of the basement of the Physics and Engineering departments of the university in his hometown, which he mixed on the easiest-to-use sound programs with samples from video games and accidentally conceived loops. He gradually started adding recordings of barrel banging, breathing in the microphone, meowing neighborhood cats, and later instruments, such as the guitar, accordion, piano, flute, and other ones. Being a bit of a socially awkward guy, he never published any of these tracks, apart from playing them to his punk friends, and he eventually ceased his bedroom ambient/drone/noise career in 2009, as work and studying obligations prevailed. Nobody can tell for sure what got into him and he decided to send Wormhole World his private recordings ten years later. Hopefully, he will not dig out of his vault more jewels of shame

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