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Thursday 19 May 2022

Force Majeure - Force Majeure - (Concrete Collage-France-2022)

 Force Majeure’s self-titled six-track debut LP of noisy soundscapes, illbient beats and experimental techno drops as a digital release
on French label Concrete Collage on 13 April 2022.
This short LP traverses a dark path into noisy and dense layers of processed sound – brooding and powerful in its intent, but still retaining some intricacy and dynamics.
The work is described by the artist as ‘The sound of the earth coming apart at the seams; nature turning against its aggressor.’ Some musical reference points include:Roly Porter, Speedy J, The Haxan Cloak, DEFCE, The Bug, Phuture Doom and Kamikaze Space Programme.

Force Majeure is one of the latest musical projects from Nick Ronin, a London-based audio/visual artist with over twenty years of gigs and artistry behind him. This project is a new stepping stone in the artistic career of someone who was born from the more rave-orientated British underground DIY scene. Here, the lack of a dancefloor focus provides a good opportunity for him to explore the more experimental and abstracted side of his musical tastebuds.
Although a devoted fan of synthesis, this project is chiefly concerned with how far recorded audio – vocal noises and foley-style sounds – can be manipulated and processed into thoroughly electronic realms. Bar a few obvious analogue synth sounds, all of the final Force Majeure output is the result of granular, spectral and effect processing and all of the sounds have been performed and recorded by the artist at home.
With the advent of this debut release, things are gathering pace for this new sonic adventure – with Force Majeure recently tackling a performance of two live soundtracks at an event in London as well as working towards a special surround- sound liveset in May. Fans of this unearthly sonic palette can expect a follow-up release of more textural experiments derived from the new performance setups later in the year.

Force Majeure links: linktr.ee/forcemajeure
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/forcemajeureaudio
Central artist website – roninaudio.net

Force Majeure Bandcamp   

released April 13, 2022

Written and produced by Nick "Ronin" aka Force Majeure
Artwork by Julien "Stazma" Guillot and Nick "Ronin"
Mastered by Julien "Stazma" Guillot at the Electric Voyage Studio 

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