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Saturday 23 May 2020

v.a.-CLAUSTROPHOBIA-(Interrupt Product-Holland-c90-1988)

Another great compilation by the amazing Dutch label Interrupt Product and dedicated to the subject Phobia, I have already posted the sampler Schizophobia and the one named Necrobophia both released in 1989.
In this 90 minutes cassette, we find a number of artists playing old school industrial,noise-ambient, experimental electronics and more rather difficult music to digest.
Interrupt Product was a small tape label from Holland active during the 80s, it has a sublabel called Non-Interrupt, a sub-label still active nowadays.
Enjoy it.
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A1Dwarf Farm Clusters
A2 Szarkov Sodomie
A3 Odal Nihil Pt. 1
A4 Vidna Obmana Under Him And The Blue Sky
A5 Ditto Crawling Up, Brain-Death
A6 No Unauthorized Bang Bang (Live 18/06/888)
A7 Kapotte Muziek The Process 2
A8 Ioss* Untitled
A9 Dva Met Dva Nichts* & PDM* Netley Abbey
B1 Travalla 4 No!
B2 Thae Collective Sound
B3 Ioss* Untitled
B4 Odal Nihil Pt. 2
B5 S·Core Escapism
B6 M.Nomized Lowpass Filter
B7 6de Kolonne The Ninth Enochian Key
B8 Swimming Behavior Of The Human Infant* Untitled
B9 Sluagh Ghairm Join The Tribe, Baby!
B10 PSY 231 Behind The Glass Door (Live In Eureka, USA)

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