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Tuesday 12 May 2020

COSMONAUTS HAIL SATAN-Satan,Yuri And You-(7"-Shock-UK-1992)+ Hellraiser -(7"-Fourth Dimensions Recs-UK/Poland-1993)

Legendary Cosmonauts Hail Satan from Leeds released these two 7 inches in the mid-90s.
I wrote about them already when I posted their tape Apollo 666
and the compilation Crazy Subjugated Astronauts  
released by Joukkomurha Products in Finland.
Hyperdistort, slow malignant industrial/punk sounds waved with loops, strange voices and grim energy. Great stuff from the cave of the 90s. 
Enjoy it.
satan,yuri and you 



  1. Thank you so much for this, it's make my day!
    I wondering if you have Bizarre And Tortuous Rituals Of The Primitive World too, or Mortuary Sorcery - or any other stuff ?

    1. @seas-I will post more stuff in the future...watch this space...