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Tuesday 16 June 2015

COSMONAUTS HAIL SATAN-Crazy Subjugated Astronauts-(Joukkomurha Products-Finland-c90-1993-)

Cosmonauts Hail Satan plays a weird hyperdistort slow punk on a base of hypnotic minimal rhythms,cut ups,loops and field recordings creating a perfect soundtrack for your best nightmares.
As far as I know Pig Havok was playing with them,he was also involved in Lizgizzad,Pleasant Valley Children and Bugeyed.
I passed this tape to Radiomoltov blog  5 years ago,that link is dead now so I re-post it here,yet it `s not the same rip,I realized that one was not done properly so I re-edited it.
I already posted one tape by this great band,go here to check that post. 
No need to write about Joukkomurha Products,in fact I posted lots of stuff by this Finnish label.
Enjoy it.

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