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Wednesday 17 June 2015

DEATH IN JUNE-The White Hands Of Death-(Catfood Press-Italy-1985)

I guess Death In June needs no introduction on this blog.
This cassette is a recording of a live performance in Venice on April 5, 1985.Recorded from the mixer, the cassette was done with the permission of Death In June, but does not show up in the list of official releases.The first original pressing, with which a badge and an A6 booklet were included; many copies were stolen and later bootleged.
Catfood  Press was a label  managed by MArco Pandin who is now running Stella Nera,Autonomous anarchistic label. The various releases edited and produced are not distributed in regular record shops: they are available only via mail order, and all proceeds go to a/rivista anarchica, an anarco-pacifist monthly magazine published regularily since the early seventies. Marco Pandin is a contributing editor since 1984. 
This is Stella Nera webpage.
Enjoy it!
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