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Wednesday 24 June 2015

v.a.-TELLURICA-(Self Released-Italy-c60-1988)

4 way split tape presenting 4 bands from Naples,all into thrash metal altought every band showing his own personality and  strenght:Fuck Order,Desaster,Original Gravity and Ranagi assault us with their full on energy of speed/crossover and  pure tharsh metal.
This is a fantastic cassette documenting the very lively neapolitan thrash metal scene of the late 80s.
The recording is quite good especially thinking that this was all diy.No idea how many copies were printed at the time,it was distributed via mail or during the metal gigs in this area.
This is the same rip that I passed to Radiomoltov blog few years ago,I re-post it here as that link isn`t working anymore.
"Thrash `till death!".
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