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Friday 19 June 2015

INANNA-Project Inanna,Dead Inanna-(Cat Killer-Germany-c90-1993)

Inanna is the Solo project of Mikael Stavöstrand after the split in Archon Satani.Here some pages about him Facebook, SoundCloud, MySpace, residentadvisor.ne.
This long tape is crafted with esoteric  singing voices mixed with dark textures and electronic tense atmospheres ,you might want to call it dark ambient yet there is more  to explore in this tape, in fact old sounds of classical music twisted in weird shapes appear at the surface of a deranged white noise,feedback,solid dissoances and more cryptic passages that at the time collapse in fragments.
The label is the amazing Cat Killer run by Carsten Vollmer,
a label covered in this blog many times now,please use the search box if you are curious to know about the other posts on this label.
Enjoy it.

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  1. hi!
    you can download this album on other site (not on a MEGA)?