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Friday 12 June 2015

AIN SOPH-Ars Regia-(Nekrophile Records-Austria-c60-1986-)

I expect the followers of this blog shall know already about Ain Soph as well as Nekrophile recs. This tape came out on this amazing label in 1986; at the time Ain Soph were certanily one of the first bands/artists experimenting with magick & electronics---esoteric messages through electronic music. 
You`ll find here 6 tracks of pure grotesque dark ambient mixing ritualistic sounds, hypno-elements of dreams and nightmares and complex layered structures that are created to deliver magikal elements and ritualistic practice. Definitely one tape that made history in this scene.
In 1992 Nekrophile Records re-printed it on cd and then it was reprinted again by the French label Athanor back in the 2003 as a deluxe cd which came with a 40 page booklet.
There is an aural pleasure in this tape as well as an obscure sense of dogmatic horror.
You`ll choose what side to explore...

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Track listing:
A1 V.I.T.R.I.O.L.
A2 Credo (G. Kremmerz)
A3 Lapis Niger
A4 Honorii Ponteficis Evocatio
B1 Gradalis
B2 Apathanathismos

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  1. This was my first introduction to Ain Soph. I remember buying this cassette, then the Ain Soph with the Cherub. Great stuff.