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Monday 8 June 2015

EIACULAZIONE AMUSICALE-Your Voice Remixing Project-(Self Released-Italy-c46-1990)

Another tape-work by The Ghost Collective E.A.-a project already covered in this blog few times,here and here and here+here and I am probably missing other few links.
I passed this tape to Vita Ignes Corpus Lignum blog back in 2010,so I  gonna re-post here the same info + I am adding a song taken from this tape from my Youtube channel.
Enjoy it.
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 "note: It was never stated that Contaminated Productions released this tape, but in fact this label exchanged it with other active tape labels at the time.
This was actually the documentation for a mail art project launched by E.A. in 1989, and finished in 1990. The idea was to collect different vocals (whatever a mail artist wanted to express with his voice: singing, shouting, talking , wheezing…) and then to create with those vocals a tape with additional sounds. Different mail artists took part in this project, and once the tape was finished they received it as a mail art documentation. 

In fact this tape has never been for sale, but only used to make exchanges. The art on the cover was made with wall paper covering the front plastic case  with a little "window" on the front. On the back there was a glued photocopy with additional info. There was also a cover sleeve including the contacts of the mail artists involved and the song-titles.(all pics included in this folder).
This is pure sound-collage with lots of vocals. 
For this project E.A. means (non-musical ejaculation) " Track listing:
01. Your Voice by Mail (part I)
02. Break
03. Your Voice by Mail (part II)
04. Voices in Envelopes
05. Voices in Love From...
06. Angry Voices, Happy Voices
07. Noise Without Voices


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