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Thursday 21 May 2020

THE RADSTERS-Faster Than Police-(Self Released-Italy-2019)

The Radsters is a band from Naples (South Italy) playing a raw form of straight in your face speed rock mixed with a good dose of energetic punk: think Motorhead meets Turnonegro on a battleground.
Formed in 2008, connected to the squat scene of the Partneopean capital after a few line-up changes they established a very tight combo and have played many gigs in and out the Italian boot.
Their first 7inch "The Radsters" was released in 2012  followed by a full- length cd "The Wild Bunch" in 2015.
 This is their last production: a 12 inch with 8 tracks on one side while on the other we`ll find a nice screen-printed original drawing.

You can find the discography on their Bandcamp Page where you can get their music choosing your price, while you can read the last news on their FB Page.
For all of you curious to know more, a very good and in-depth interview
has been published on the webzine Son Of Flies last month. 
To complete this post I am attaching the last video.
A big Thanx to Peppe (the bass player) for providing links, pictures and related info.
If you are into fast, aggressive and powerful punk`n`roll then you` ll love The Radsters, this last 12inch is definitely a good one.
Enjoy it.

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