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Wednesday 7 August 2019

ABSURD N5- An Issue Of Absolute Nothingness-(Fanzine-Greece-2001)

Absurd was an all-English written fanzine from Athens (Greece) active in the early years of last decade. It does cover many aspects of the industrial music scene in Greece and beyond.

For industrial music scene here I mean almost all its subgenres and also difficult music in a broad sense.

The concept itself for editing and writing this issue  is quite genial and I prefer to leave the explanation to the editor :
This issue number 5 evolves into info about quite a few obscure, or less obscure music labels, musicians, gig organizers and music reviews.
In some ways, it looks more like a very useful bulletin with addresses and various info. 

Eventually, I feel this is a very great tool to research the lively international electronic deviated music scene of the early 2000s and at the same time a very nice example of the creative and passionate underground press. 
Thanx to Jason of 1000+1 TiLt Recordings for sending me this astonishing zine a long time ago.
Enjoy it.

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