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Wednesday 21 August 2019

v.a-‎SADOMACHINISM-(Misanthropic Agenda-USA-1999)‎

Great compilation assembling an astonishing number of powerful tunes by a bunch of fantastic artists playing noise, industrial, abstract and more weird electronics goings.
It was released in a limited edition of 500 copies in elaborate metal packaging. Aluminium shell sometimes embossed with the album title, sometimes not, it is sold out now.
 The American Misanthropic Agenda Experimental label was created in 1998 by the noise artist known as Gerritt. This amazing label is still alive and kicking and you can visit their well-done webpage here, where you can check their latest releases, catalogue and news.
Enjoy it.


1 Carthage Lo Flying Asrael 3:47
2 K.K. Null U.H.D.0023 5:09
3 Residual Orchestra Low 10:56
4 Gerritt Time Has Come 9:54
5 Merzbow Fireball 6:08
6 Aube Ionosphere V 5:59
7 Kid606 Kitten With A Whip 4:47
8 Tit Wrench Please Respond 2:15
9 Never Presence Forever Orchestral Parasitic Invasion 5:48
10 Three Bloody Monkeys The Special One's Cynthia 5:55
11 Season Of Discontent Tomagotchi Crib Death 3:25
12 Lockweld Do You Still Believe? 4:03
13 Psywarfare Reciprocation 3:47

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