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Friday 5 April 2019

HellisHere-HellisHere-(Self Released-Belgium-2015)

Another band where my friend Bis was involved.I spoke about him when I posted the cd by the crust-punk band Twisted System.
This demo hasn`t circulated much and it is a little gem coming out from the Liege crust punk scene.
I met Bis lately and I asked him to donate it to my blog with a small introduction.
My gratitude for his help and this gift as wave files + video.
Enjoy it.
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"HellisHere formed in Liege(Belgium) at the beginning of 2014,the line up was Phil=Guitar(ex Hiatus,Twisted System),Bis=Guitar(ex Twisted System,Vision Of War),Paskal=Voice(ex Segregated),David=Drums(ex Segregated),Spud=Bass(ex Goat Vomit).

They recorded this demo on February 2015 and played a handful of gigs with a few cool bands such as Doom, Long Knife, Warcry. They played live in Berlin, Ghent, Biel and Liege.

In the same year there was a change of line up but no live shows neither any new recording.

They ceased to exist in September 2018."(Bis)

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