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Saturday 9 July 2016

v.a.-Widerstand Gegen Die Staatsgewalt-(Gurteliertapes-Switzerland-c90-199?)

3rd release by this Swiss label:Gurteliertapes was managed by Pille Weibel in Luzern,he was also a noise musician.In this long compilation we`ll find different bands offering us a wide range of music styles:a bit of HC punk,some powerviolence,some weird folk,some rock and a pinch of noise too.
Bands included:Vomit Yourself,Johnny Dizzle,Jenseit Der ordung,Chrysalis,Rabe,L`Edarps a Moths,Into The Abyss,Tender Love,Musta Surma,James Lee,Bored Way,Hartsoaker,A.D.S.,Blind Justice,Tammy Palmatier,Insult to Injury,Resist To Exist,Drowing In Red,Conic Reaction,Armstice.
Enjoy it.

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