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Tuesday 5 July 2016

Thats Life!-Issue 1-Autumn 1993-(Fanzine-Thats Life-UK-1993)

Amazing number 1 of this english fanzine focused on the raggae/ska/Oi punk scene!In this issue(professionally printed)you`ll find:The Featherheads,The Revs,tHe Skeletones,Oi Polloi,The Trojans,Back To The Planet,lots of reviews of tapes,cd,fanzines and vynils.Contacts addresses and flyers.
Very well done and with a nice graphic layout this fanzine is a great tool to research the lively international punk scene of the early 90s.
Enjoy it.
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  1. Edited by Mike Shaw (ex-A Birth Of A Hooligan zine, ex-Only Time Will Tell zine...). Two issues only, the second with The Frits (German Ska band)in cover.
    Good work dude, I hope see more Ska/Skinzines here(not RAC scum. Cheers from Spain!