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Friday 1 July 2016

Blood Crooner[Little Photo book by Shaun]+Small But Non The Less Pointless[Drawings By Lee Stokoe]-(Matching Head-UK-199?)

Here two micro zines released by Matching Head small yet very prolific label managed by  Lee Stokoe.It seems to be still active nowadays. 
Blood Crooner is  full of amazing collages/photos cuts+paste with little messages by this unknown artist Shaun.
Small But Non Less Pointless is a collection of "stamp size" drawings by Lee Stokoe,all coming in a blood-red painted  plastic bag.
I am including here also the catalogue that at the time Lee sent me.
Those are incredible samples of the very lively 90`s underground press.
I spoke about this cool label quite few times now posting both zines and tapes.
Enjoy it.
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