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Sunday 17 July 2016

BODY WITHOUT ORGANS-I Isis and Thoth-(audioFile Tapes-Usa-c60-1985)

I passed this great tape to Vita Ignes Corpus Lignum blog 6 years ago!
I re-post it here including the very good review by Crepusculum!
Big thanx to him.Enjoy it.
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"When you will have made him a body without organs,
then you will have delivered him from all his automatic reactions
and restored him to his true freedom"

- excerpt from the radio play by Antonin Artaud: "To Have Done with the Judgment of God" (1947)

Body Without Organs appear to have been: Carl Howard [Nomuzic/ Audiofile Tapes], Amaury Perez [Amor Fati/ Will To Live], and Richard Behrens.. Thee sonorism they created for this cassette seems to pay homage to Isis: thee protectress ov thee dead whose mournfull tears for her husband/brother Osiris [thee god ov thee dead who was murdered by his brother Set] were said to flood thee Nile annually, and unto thee ibis or baboon headed Thoth: thee heart [intelligence] and tongue [voice] ov thee sun god Ra.. Their sonorism was a very unique creation steeped in many esoteric references which shall be attempted at being dealt with here..

She-Women of the SS - begins and continues through it's entirety with beauteous analog sequencing ala early Tangerine Dream which is met with recordings of accounts ov thee brutalising actions ov female SS officers towards prisoners of war during thee second world war..

Vanishing Pentagram - tis composed from elements ov minimal elektronik beats, swirling and undulating analog synthesis, and esoteric vocal chanting which carry for over eight minutes with few references decipherable aside from mentioning ov thee left hand/ right hand, and ov flames, the pentgram, and the six-rayed star .. ending with a repetitive delayed shifting "amen"..

I am in hell - begins with fast pulsating synthesis which pitches down in speed, and drops out momentarily to reappear with thee restrained elektronik thump ov a beat and sparse dissonant elektronik guitar.. all ov this tis amidst vocalisations calling out: "daddy.. who's calling me? it is my child.. i will come back, but i am not alive.. I am dead .. I am in hell, but i did not understand why.. when i found out it was too late.. my dearly friend one day you will see me again.. listen to me because it may be too late.. you will die like me.. i implore you to go back away from here.. please go back.." there follow strange samples ov a child's voice and barely decipherable speech sounding like radio transmissions from dead soldiers.. the piece continues for a total duration over ten minutes with thee looping phrases "we are not sure what is happening" and "I am in hell" to be met with sounds ov explosions and a fading away..

Dada Kabalah - begins with a discussion about magickal thinking [versus diagnosis ov paranoid schizophrenia], and Artaud and Rimbaud's theory of the seer.. through reading ov incantations capabale ov producing magickal results capable ov changing life through obtaining supernatural vision ov altered prophesy.. it continues to speak ov thee effects of premature aging upon Artaud with his death at thee age ov 52.. following this un-cited discussion the twanging ov strings play over the unspooling/ reversing/ speed-shifting sounds ov tape manipulation amid reverb soaked vocals: "Dada Kabalah / chanting Hebrew numbers in darkened closets / touching copies of time magazine and weeping over Marilyn Monroe / seeping sex / Dada Kabalah / through subway cars / an unholy group of figures / laughing at naked baboons sucking on bananas / Dada Kabalah / being burned at the stake / walking planks / a labrynth of the americas / labrynth trains railing across night / flocks of angels and sacrificial ash / Dada Kabalah / scribbling deranged graffiti on glass houses / trapped in homemade statues and wicker waste baskets / Dada Kabalah / [undecipherable] and frozen objects [undecipherable] chinese torment / horrible dreams / questions and answers / Dada Kabalah / [undecipherable] ancient manuscripts and trying to draw down this powerless pre-packaged spiritus omni interuptus in hellenistic solitude / dada kabalah / will the dream never end? / left to crawl through tenaments, bathrooms, and crumbling royal cabinets / Dada Kabalah / hermetic monks leading [undecipherable] to take the [undecipherable] / registers on time belt as yet [undecipherable] breach of law / Dada Kabalah / down through the celestial spirits who truely believe this in awe.. " more unspooling/ reversing/ speed-shifting sounds ov tape manipulated vocalisations end this piece..

Alchemy I - sonicly tis composed ov trancing repetitious low-end synth droning over which is spoken: "we are now in a position to understand what alchemy is. we might even go further to say even if we had not heard of it we must know what it must be. let me summarise by saying that alchemy includes as many possible operations as there are conventional [undecipherable] inherent in nature. think ov substance as symoblic of the whole course of nature. make it god and consume it. the highest form of the eucharyst is that in which the element consecrated is one. it is one substance and not two, not living and not dead, neither liquid nor solid, neither hot nor cold, neither male nor female. the highest sacrament is that of one element. it is universal in it's operation according to the declared purpose of the work. so will the result be. it is the universal key of all magick. think ov substance as symoblic of the whole course of nature. make it god and consume it. it is one substance and not two, not living and not dead, neither liquid nor solid, neither hot nor cold, neither male nor female..

Alchemy II - follows in a similar instrumental form ov sonorously droning synth over which there is a minimal percussive sequencing and strange tremelo like undulations ov elektronikx with a very decayed and restrained feel about it ending with an ouroboros ov tailing delay..

Osiris Rises begins with a sample voicing thee words: "let the divine light descend!!" what follows is amasing esoteric body music with elektro sequencing ala Peter Baumann.. spoken through vocoder: "in the beach in distant lands held aloft your godly hands in the beach in distant seas Osiris rises upon thee. carrying the greater one held up high for all to see. Osiris rises upon thee.. he sent your corpse upon the seas. wrestling deep in foreign lands. on the beach in the sand he severed off your godly hands. on the beach in distant lands cutting off your godly hands.. on the beach in distant seas Osiris rises upon thee.." much ov thee remaining vocals are difficult to decipher due to thee use ov vocoding.. towards thee end the sequencing shifts; going through various speed manipulations becoming cacophonous, and ending in the clattering ov bells..

the final piece of thee cassette tis: The Market, and it is composed ov danceable droning synth syncopated with sparse percussive accents, and tis layered through with undecipherable glitching vocal utterances and minimal synth lines.. towards the end much ov the sound begins to slow and decay with strange analog synth twittering and shifting until fading away..

Track listing:
a1- She-Women of the SS
a2- Vanishing Pentagram
a3- I am in hell
a4- Dada Kabalah
b1- Osiris Rises
b2- Alchemy I
b3- Alchemy II
b4- The Market

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